Our Story

We are accidental farmers. We started out attempting to get an abandoned pocket park cleaned up and updated. That started a multi-year journey working with the Parks and Rec department and City Council to allow the neighborhood itself to decide what would be done with a lot that is directly next to my home. 

In the end, my husband and I were allowed to convert this old and vacant once-upon-a-time park into a market garden space. This was in 2016, and from there we have only grown in scale and scope. We are tenant farmers, so we are always looking for space. If you know of a lot or a large green space that you would like to see growing food - contact us! 

We believe deeply that fresh, nutrient dense and chemical free produce should not be a luxury item. We strive to make these food items affordable and accessible. 


In 2021, the City of Des Moines changed their policy. And fundamentally destroyed established urban farms and gardens in the city. They no longer would allow city owned land to be leased or rented for garden use. If you think that's as stupid as we do, let them know if you ever get the chance! 

But with that huge change, our largest leases were terminated. We lost all the scale we had built up over the years. 

So we changed how we were operating, and here we are today. A rag-tag bunch of folks who just want to feed their neighbors. 

In 2024 we decided we wanted to lean in more to sustainability in the midst of the ongoing climate crisis. So we launched a comprehensive compost service. Providing subscribers with containers, and pick up/drop off options for their food waste / kitchen scraps. We are in the process of producing compost from those items, and the subscribers get first access and a discount when the compost is finished and it's time to add it back to the garden. Sign up if you are able! Join the team to make this city more sustainable!