Our Story

We are accidental farmers. We started out attempting to get an abandoned pocket park cleaned up and updated. That started a multi-year journey working with the Parks and Rec department and City Council to allow the neighborhood itself to decide what would be done with a lot that is directly next to my home. 

In the end, my husband and I were allowed to convert this old and vacant once-upon-a-time park into a market garden space. This was in 2016, and from there we have only grown in scale and scope. We are tenant farmers, so we are always looking for space. If you know of a lot or a large green space that you would like to see growing food - contact us! 

We believe deeply that fresh, nutrient dense and chemical free produce should not be a luxury item. We strive to make these food items affordable and accessible. We accept Double Up Food Bucks as well as EBT (in person).