Mutual Aid Shares

Seasons of Solidarity 

Our goal is to give a third of our harvests to community fridges and food aid organizations in 2022 and half of our harvests in the next 3 years. You can help us get there by purchasing a mutual aid share. 

This just means that you are paying us for our labor to produce all this food, and then directly purchasing it for folks who could not otherwise access it.

Many people are systematically excluded by the farm to table movement - and we want to change that. 

When you buy a mutual aid share and take away all of the marketing and distribution costs, I can get it to people subjected to food apartheid at cost. 

Right now during the growing season we deliver to the network of community refrigerators in the Des Moines Metro - as well as a number of smaller community based food aid organizations throughout the region - if you are part of a food aid organization and would like to get on our distribution list please email

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