Community Fridge

We believe that no matter who you are or what your situation is - you deserve delicious and nutritious food. So we started the first community fridge in the state of Iowa. 

It's a really simple concept - there is a fridge and pantry, its stocked as best we can 24/7, and if you're hungry you use it. That's it. There are no sign ups, there are no prerequisites, no tracking. 


If you run or work anywhere that routinely throws away excess food items - please send us a message! We would love to rescue it and get it to folks who need some help. 

Purchasing a Mutual Aid share is a great way to ensure we are able to continue what we are doing in DSM.

Central Iowa Community Fridge Locations! 

Sweet Tooth Community Fridge: 
1618 6th Ave (Home INC Parking Lot) Des Moines 50314

CYC Concepts Community Fridge
1446 MLK Drive Des Moines 50314

North Des Moines Community Fridge
5720 Urbandale Ave Des Moines, IA 50310

Budget Inn Community Fridge 
5220 NE 14th Street Des Moines IA 
Altoona Public Library Community Fridge
700 8th Street SW Altoona IA 
Indianola Public Library Community Fridge
207 North B Street Indianola IA 50125
Simpson College Community Fridge 
McNeil Hall North C Street Indianola IA 50125
Milo Meat Locker Community Fridge
223 Main Street Milo IA 
New Virginia Community Fridge
501 Border Street New Virginia IA
Truro Public Library Community Fridge
114 E Center Street Truro IA 
Linden Library Community Fridge 
131 Main Street Linden IA 50146
Minburn Library Community Fridge
618 5th Street Linden IA 50146
Woodward City Hall Community Fridge
204 Cedar Ave Woodward IA 50276
Redfield City Hall Community Fridge
808 1st Street Redfield IA 50276
Dexter City Hall Community Fridge
911 State Street Dexter IA 50070
Hands of Potter Community Fridge
302 Willis Ave Perry IA 50220