Sweet Tooth Farm

An urban farm feeding folks in Des Moines, Iowa

Our Mission

We believe that fresh, locally grown, chemical-free produce should be affordable and not a luxury. We also believe in the power of coming together as a community to take care of each other, which includes sharing knowledge, offering a hand whenever possible, and treating each other with dignity.

Community Fridge

This is mutual aid in action. The Sweet Tooth Community Fridge is located at 1809 8th Street in Des Moines, Iowa and is regularly kept stocked by those who are able to donate. Food here is free to absolutely anyone who needs it, no questions asked. 

Heart of Des Moines Farmers Market

This partnership between Sweet Tooth Farm, Crystal Freeman, Broadlawns Medical Center, and urban farmers around the metro gives folks the chance to buy fresh produce they may not otherwise have access to. Expect fresh produce, homemade bread, pies, and more from local urban farmers and business owners. Food accessibility is key and we hope to see you at the market!

Where: 6th and Forest Ave

When: Saturdays from 4pm-6pm

gray tshirt with sweet tooth farm logo on it

Wear Sweet Tooth

We are largely self-funded, so we appreciate all the support we can get! It’s always nice to see folks rocking our gear. Take a look at our official merchandise and represent Sweet Tooth Farm wherever you go.

The Beginning

Sweet Tooth Farm was born from an idea to turn an underutilized plot of land into an urban farm in the River Bend neighborhood of Des Moines. It’s since grown into over three acres of land, a community fridge, and a partnership that’s helped bring a small farmers market in our neighborhood come to life. 

Rooted Farm Collective

In 2022, our leases in the Central Place Industrial District are being terminated. We need your help. Sweet Tooth Farm and Radiate DSM Urban Farm have teamed up to find permanent plots of land, building a network of small farm plots throughout Des Moines. Find out how you can lend a hand 

Contact Us

Whether it’s a question about how to work with us, donate, or something else, send us a message.

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