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Subscribe to our Compost Service

Ever get frustrated that there is not a composting service in Des Moines? We want to fix that! Join our compost subscription! We will provide you with a compost bin, come and pick up your food waste and kitchen scraps, make compost from it, and subscribers then get first access to purchase it. Check out the options we have in our shop! And please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

  • Where Are You Located?

    We got our start way back in 2016 in the RiverBend Neighborhood, but nowadays we are all over the city on neglected and forgotten lots. Bringing life and beauty into neighborhoods.

    Compost drop off stations coming soon - stay tuned. Could we build one in your neighborhood.

  • Can I Buy Your Veg?

    In years past - the answer would have been yes. We have many many many many thoughts on farming in the city. We have been doing it for a while! But starting in 2023 we will not be doing any formal markets or sales. If you want some of our produce, come and help out for an afternoon and we will send you home with more food than you can carry!

  • Why Compost?

    We love compost. From our inception we have had bees and babies running around the farm and fundamentally believe that there are better ways to amend soil than dumping chemicals on it. We also see a gap in service in Des Moines. We want sustainable minded people to have an option. Join us in making Des Moines more sustainable and develop an option for people to purchase compost locally.

  • What CAN I Compost?

    • Coffee Grounds
    • Eggshells
    • Fruits and Vegetables
    • Shredded Newspaper
    • Nutshells
    • Uncoated Cardboard
    • Tea Bags
    • Flour
    • Items Labeled "BPI Certified Compostable"
  • What CAN'T I Compost?

    • Dairy Products and Eggs
    • Diseased or Insect Ridden Plants
    • Fats, Grease, Lard, Oils
    • Meat or Fish Bones & Scraps
    • Any vegetation treated with chemicals or pesticides -
    • Plastic of Any Kind
    • Recyclable Materials
  • Why Compost?

    Food waste is a significant environmental issue. Landfills are the third largest source of human generated methane emissions in the United States. Right now only about 6% of food waste is composted. Research shows that compost increases soil's water retention capacity, productivity, and resiliency .