Food Waste / Kitchen Scraps Collection - Composting Home Services

We wanted to provide Des Moines with an easy, comprehensive, and approachable compost service. So we started one!  

It's a subscription based service. You figure out what will work for you and your life - you drop off, 1x a month pick up, bi-weekly pick up - and sign up for that subscription! 

We provide a compost bin with a lid when you sign up for a subscription. Then you just throw your compostable items in there and wait for your pick up day! 

We have split up our pick up areas into 4 zones. Based on where you are, it will determine what day we will come to pick up your bin. 

When the compost is ready, as a subscriber you get the first opportunity to purchase. 

All of the options that we currently offer are available in our online store. So hop on over and join the composting club.

**At this time we are only able to serve Des Moines**

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!