Wow! What a summer.

We discontinued the weekly boxes – it really wasn’t working for my family or for what we are trying to do. We want to have food available for the folks in our neighborhood. And my market table was very sparse after filling 10 boxes every weekend.

The Wednesday markets have been going great! We love seeing our friends and neighbors every week. And really everyone who comes to support us.

What started as a fill gap – due to terrible spring weather and not having enough produce – is now something folks are specifically coming for. The bread.

I’ve loved baking for years. I have made countless birthday cakes for friends children, rolls for holidays, more cookies and bars than I can count. We now provide fresh baked bread (vegan and with no preservatives or sugars) at the farmstand. There are limits on what I can make and sell at the farmstand without needing a special license. But we plan to continue production and using Trinity Las Americas commercial kitchen to increase the amounts we’re able to offer.

The expansion plots have been a struggle – we shot for the moon but the soil is so degraded and we’ve had folks taking our watermelon that we really will have no harvest on one of the large plots. Then on the other side of the street, the city accidentally mowed over our pumpkins. The good news is that they are coming back with a vengeance. The bad news is that with such a severe prune I’m not sure they will be ready by Halloween.

I’m glad at this point that we haven’t invested in too much infrastructure on the larger plot, because we are losing that to developers. A building will be put up. We will be retaining the plot on the levee side. There’s an easement so it’s soo small to build anything substantial on. We plan to put fencing and irrigation infrastructure up to fully utilize that next season.

The city has also approached us about taking over another large lot in the core of our neighborhood, which we are super excited about. We plan to install a micro prairie on that space until we figure out our capacity.

It’s been a struggle to do more than just keep everyone alive (plants and children 😬) this summer. My husband and I don’t usually get to bed before midnight. And then we do it all again the next day. So thank you for staying with us, and for the continued support ❤️