I can feel the winter slowly melting, although this season was eerily mild. No snow accumulation and it barely felt like winter. Christmas was warm, and today it was in the high 40’s. It’s been a strange time. 

I usually feel a deep gratitude for the visual and concrete examples of time passing. Spring, summer, fall, winter, repeat. 

This warm weather has me itching to get out and get my seedlings planted. 
I grow everything from seed, and that requires starting early since we’re in zone 5 for temperatures so we need to take that into consideration. My husband built a heating element for our greenhouse, and I learned my lesson about starting too late last year. So the plan is to get everything started the first week of February. 

Last year it seemed daunting, the countless seedlings, the tables of flats. This year it fills me with excitement, with purpose, and with the feeling of growth for myself as much as the food.